Feature Article on FairDivorce.co.za

My practice and my approach to divorce mediation were covered in an article on Fair Divorce.

“Conflict is a part of life and with the current divorce rate at an estimated 60%, Marissa says that most people will go through a serious family dispute at least once in their lives. Family conflict is emotionally uncomfortable and it makes people feel that they are less capable of making the right decisions by themselves. Therefore, people tend to think it would be easier to hand over the process of divorce to a legal professional. The truth of the matter is that the legal fraternity is impartial and concerned with points of law and fact, not with the best possible outcome for a particular family. Mediation, however, affords us the opportunity to engage with our conflict in a facilitated way, with the intention of striving towards a solution that works best for all. The mediation process explores not only legal issues but the well-being and the unique experience of the whole family.”
Marissa MGB Mediation